Routine dental visits are required if you want to maintain good oral health.

While the conventional notion is that we only need to see a dentist when we have a toothache, it is recommended that we see a dentist every six months.

Here are five compelling reasons why dental checkups are necessary.

1. Preventive

It is prudent to detect the problem as soon as possible. It is better to get a cavity filled sooner rather than later. Experts advise cleaning your gums before pus and bleeding develop. Speaking with a dentist about your individual problem can help you resolve it swiftly and painlessly. The most significant advantage of treating dental concerns at the earliest is the significant cost savings that you will benefit.

2. Health issues detected

A little-known feature of dental examinations is that they provide us with a wealth of information regarding a patient’s overall health. Diabetes, vitamin and iron shortages, cardiovascular disease, and hormonal abnormalities can all be identified in the tongue. Even dangerous infections like HIV and cancer manifest in the mouth, alerting us to their presence and allowing us to diagnose them in time.

3. Getting the most out of your oral care routine

When visiting a dentist, queries about the best toothbrush or toothpaste, as well as whether or not to floss, are addressed by an expert. Another reason to get a dental checkup is to ensure that you are doing all the necessary precautions. The majority of us either forget or neglect this topic, but proper dental hygiene practice may keep you safe and healthy. The majority of parents must inquire about their child’s dental hygiene practice.

4. Detecting hidden problems

Most of us are unaware that we have dental issues. We think that because we are not in pain, everything is fine, but is it? With the most advanced dental technology, we can detect deterioration with a single beep. Smile analysis identifies trouble areas in your smile and how to improve your smile by resolving those specific concerns. Your occlusal or bite examination indicates potential jaw and muscular disorders. Your teeth’s alignment (orthodontic analysis) can also disclose how long your teeth will remain healthy in their current position or if you need to move them to more favourable positions using braces or aligners to make them last longer.

5. Emergency averted

The looming doom of sudden pain and a dental emergency is the only thing I feel unites all dental patients and can serve as motivation to drag yourself to a dental appointment. One of the most common dental emergencies is excruciating nerve pain, which results from years of neglect when decay in our teeth reaches the nerves and forces us to take fast action. Emergencies resulting from injuries are typically preventable, like as sports injuries that result in tooth damage or loss, which can be avoided by using a mouthguard.

Therefore, regardless of your reasons for avoiding a check-up, at least one of them should convince you to hop into that dental chair and meet your friendly neighbourhood dentist!

Written By Bukky