He is aggressive and very straightforward with some people.

If a Leo man is in love with you, he will drop hints and do some things that will prove that he is in love with you.

Here are the 5 signs that will let you know if your Leo man is in love with you.

1. He gets jealous

This one is amongst the surest signs that indicate the fact that he has fallen in love with you. There will be bouts of jealousy. A friend gets protective but a Leo man will take it to the next level. If you are trying to make him feel jealous deliberately, it may turn him off entirely.

2. PDA!

He will display his love in public and why not? If a Leo man loves you, he will not have issues kissing you in public, holding hands, hugging you and he will not care about others opinion.

3. He wants to have sex all the time

Leo men are like dogs on heat, ready to do it any time, anywhere! They are well known or infamous for their passionate streak and they crave physical contact in many forms. If he is with you in a genuine sense, a man in love, he will express himself physically, a lot. They do not show this side to someone they don’t really love.

4. He will make you feel special

If you have a Leo man in your life and he genuinely loves you, he will make you feel special in a number of ways. He will let you as well as the world around him know that you are the center of his universe. It will be his gestures and surprises and small thoughtful acts that will make you feel wanted.

5. He will become brutally honest

A Leo man in love will be brutally honest with you and not beat around the bush. He will let you know if your outfit does not suit you. Sugar coating will not be his thing with you.