Boobs are usually a woman thing. Although men also have breasts, it’s unusual for them to have a female-like chest that’s more pronounced.

Although man boobs aren’t necessarily dangerous to your health, they can deeply affect a man psychologically. It can drain your self-esteem and even make you hesitant about taking off your shirt around other people.

Moobs, medically known as gynecomastia, affect men who are overweight but it can also happen due to hormonal fluctuations. It can affect men in different weight categories so it’s possible to be slim or fit and still struggle with this.

You don’t have to live like this forever because there are a couple of solutions that might work for you. Try any of these:

1. Cardio

Since it’s common for men who are obese or overweight to develop pronounced breasts, the first thing that you should focus on is overall weight loss.

High-intensity cardio exercises like jogging, power walking, skipping and cycling are a direct solution if you want to start burning excess fat quickly.

You should set up a routine that you will keep up with every week so you can notice significant results.

2. Full body strength workouts

As you get into your cardio routine, you will also need something to help you tone your muscles overall. There aren’t any specific exercises you can do that only eliminate the excess fat on the chest area so this is a great solution.

You can get some weights and research on full strengthening workouts you can do at home or hit the gym and get a trainer to help you out.

3. Pushups

Doing individual exercises like chest workouts alone won’t do much to target moobs. You should add them as part of your overall workout to tone and strengthen the muscles in that area.

Pushups involve different muscle groups that all work together to improve how you look especially when your goal is to get rid of this problem.

If you’re doing this at home, make sure you’re aligning your body correctly for maximum benefits.

4. Dieting

You also need to combine your efforts by making diet changes. This will help your body recover properly and it’s also part of your maintenance to prevent this from happening in future.

If you previously binged on unhealthy foods like high fat and sugary snacks, you will need to avoid that now that you’re working on keeping excess weight off your body.

And you also need to avoid habits like excess drinking because that too could slow you down and make it impossible to trim the fat.

5. Surgery

For some people, this condition has progressed past the point where exercising and dieting can help. This can happen if you had a significant amount of weight to lose.

Although you’re now fit, there might be excess skin left behind from the transformation. A solution in this extreme case might be surgery.

The good thing is that surgical technology has advanced greatly and this procedure might not leave any drastic scars behind. So, go for it.