Over 90% Of My Supporters Don’t Even Know What Twitter Or Social Media is – Kwankwaso

The Presidential Candidate of the NNPP, Rabiu Kwankwaso has come out to say that most of the conducted polls that project the potential results of the upcoming election are not accurate.

According to the former Kano state governor, over 90 percent of his supporters don’t even know what Twitter or Social Media is so it won’t be accurate to pinpoint the decision of the whole Nigerians based on a survey involving a few thousand people.

In his own words as seen on Channels television today…

“Now did you see any poll from Northern Nigeria? Now all those polls are coming from the South and the media that is propagating that fake information is mainly from that part of the country. What we are saying is, things have gone so bad. Where are the good people? Where are the supposed to be leaders in all these areas? That’s what I am telling you. Things are getting so bad everywhere and the faster we grasp reality, the better.”

“Over 90% of my supporters don’t even know Twitter, they don’t even know social media. Go to markets in Kano, even some markets in Ibadan, and even markets in Rivers to conduct these polls. You cannot just go and a few thousand and say this is the opinion of Nigerians.”