AKA’s love letter to Nadia Nakai on “Mass Country” album

AKA expressed love for his girlfriend, Nadia Nakai in his album, Mass Country.

It’s saddening that the rapper didn’t live to witness the launch of the project, but his works speak for him today.

AKA, Nadia and Blxckie worked on a song titled Dangerous, and it’s gained attention due to the words of the late star to his lover.

Kiernan Forbes spoke of how he is ready to spend forever with Nadia and also have a child with her.

“I’m feeling you I think we should engage, tell where your Granma stay let’s activate the Rands. Kairo is the one but I need someone to extend my legacy A son with you will be icing on the cake They say nothing is forever, don’t forget to pray All I know is since I met you nothing was the same Your name is a tattoo on my heart I cannot laser,” reads the lyrics.