Tiger roams the streets of SA

South Africans are worried as it’s been reported that another tiger is roaming the streets again.

Weeks after the death of Sheba the Tiger, another one has been spotted on CCTV, and a stern warning has been issued on social media.

“Reports that a tiger has been spotted in Cabot Road, Eastleigh Ridge, Edenvale, JHB, this morning. If spotted please call the SPCA +27721839794,” a tweep by the name Yusuf wrote.

Radio personality, Anele Mdoda also confirmed the information.

It was reported that the tiger has been captured, but there’s a lack of evidence.

Yusuf also said there’s been a conflicting report about the capture of the tiger.

“Conflicting reports the escaped #tiger in Edenvale has been recaptured have emerged. Gary Wilson of Swat SOS says the tiger was safely darted a short while ago. However Edenvale SPCA claim they know nothing about this,” reads the tweet.