Just hours before its release, he has revealed the tracklist for the 10-track project, which arrives via his Shake the World label.

He has already released a trio of songs to streaming services including the title track, “Lied to You,” and “Weekdays” featuring Zu and Deeno. Other standouts include “Party,” “August,” and “Rules.”

Myself, which offers a glimpse into August’s journey over the past three years, marks August’s first album since 2020’s The Product III: State of Emergency, which featured guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Juicy J, and Yo Gotti.

“Really it’s me getting back into the core of myself,” he says in the album trailer. “That is exactly why I think it’s special.”

Outside of music, August is making big moves in the world of skincare with the launch of his all-inclusive brand Encina Wellness, which recently partnered with Urban Outfitters.

Alsina found himself back in the headlines this week over his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith. It was reported that he laughed after watching Chris Rock’s stand-up special, but his rep shut down the claim, saying he has not seen the Netflix special where Rock addresses his “entanglement” with Will Smith’s wife.

Myself drops tonight. See the tracklist below.

Myself Tracklist

  1. “Myself”
  2. “Lied to You”
  3. “Weekdays” (feat. Zu & Deeno)
  4. “Never Fold”
  5. “Same”
  6. “Party”
  7. “August”
  8. “Rules”
  9. “Friends”
  10. “On Me”