Black Coffee gets people worried after publicly opening up about himself in a cryptic tweet.

The Grammy-award-winning star is known to talk less about his personal life on social media, but just before the year ends, he confidently tweeted that he is not okay.

“Ay….I’m not ok,” he wrote.

The tweet garnered lots of reactions which included empathy, despite zero knowledge of what he said as it isn’t detailed enough.

Some persons presumed he is still hurt by the death of Mampintsha, while others just wished him well.

A few celebrities like Lady Du and Maraza reacted to the tweet.

“Speak to other men you trust bhuti. Let it all out. Okuhlula amadoda kuyabikwa, futhi kubikwa kwamanye amadoda. At least that way it won’t get used against you in a moment of weakness. I’m speaking from experience,” MaraZamc urged the DJ.

Howver, a few tweeps mocked the Black Coffee; see reactions below: