Just days after announcing her pregnancy, Chrisean Rock was spotted shopping for a wedding dress, fueling rumors that she and the “Thotiana” rapper could be tying the knot.

According to TMZ, Rock stopped by Anita’s Bridal Boutique in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday and told employees that she needed the perfect dress for her wedding on Friday.

She found a dress on a mannequin and only needed to try it on once before deciding it was the right one. Dresses in the store range between $3500 and $7000.

However, it remains unclear if Chrisean is marrying Blueface. She never specified who she was getting married to. The on-again, off-again couple is known for their relationship drama and social media stunts so anything is possible.

The marriage news comes after Chrisean revealed she was pregnant and claimed that Blueface is the father. He has denied that the child is his and says they are no longer together.

“It’s not a blueface baby,” he tweeted. “She’s pregnant with somebody else’s child not mine.”

During a recent interview with “The Jason Lee Show,” the couple was asked if they see themselves getting married.

“I don’t believe in marriage but I love her,” said Blueface, while Chrisean responded, “He getting married with me. If I gave him three billion dollars, he gon’ marry me.”