The most important step in a skincare routine is cleansing.

When your face is clean, your skin care products are absorbed well, and they can work more effectively.

While many prefer hot facial steam once in a while to get clean pores and super smooth skin, one Korean skincare hack that is totally ruling the skincare game right now is soaking the face in ice water.

Yes, it sounds surprising at first, but people all over the world have actually fallen in love with this method.

Here’s an insights on the hack that has gone viral.

What does it mean by soaking your face in ice-cold water?

Well, it is very simple to prepare at home. You require a big bowl of water filled with chilled water along with some ice cubes. Keep your face dipped into that water for 30 seconds. Lightly tap your face with a towel after you take out your face. Usually, this method is recommended to be followed two times a day.

But does soaking face in ice water really work?

Using cold water to wash the face has been used as an age-old method. Ice-cold water acts as a great anti-inflammatory product to calm down an irritated face. So, whether you are suffering from acne or having skin rashes, dipping your face into ice-cold water will help you get rid of those conditions. It helps reduce puffiness, and if you want to achieve glowing and youthful skin, regularly using this method in your skincare regime can do wonders.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of soaking your face in ice-water

Instant glow to the skin

If your face is feeling dull and lacking glow, soaking your face in ice-cold water is the easiest and quickest solution to get that instant glow. Your face receives a blood rush, and oxygen goes to your skin cells, making them look healthy and glowing.

Sculpts your face

Ice water is known to tighten your pores. It reduces the appearance of open pores giving your skin a tight and sculpted look. If you want to prevent signs of early aging like fine lines and wrinkles, then ice-cold water is a great hack to try. It keeps your skin youthful looking and delays the process of aging by giving you a sharp and sculpted look.

Long-lasting makeup

Natural oils and sweat from the face can make your makeup melt. Also, people with open and large pores often find that their makeup does not stay on the face for long. The ice-cold water helps control the natural oils and minimizes the pores, making your makeup stay longer. Before you start your makeup process, soak your face in ice water for a few minutes and see the magic yourself.

Calms down an irritated face

Acne, sunburn, and skin rash are some of the common conditions of inflammation on the skin. A quick way to solve this issue is to dip your face into ice-cold water. It is also effective in calming down the redness on your skin. As opposed to hot water, the properties of cold water soothe the skin down. Moreover, this method works wonders as a post-care treatment after you are done with threading or shaving your face.

Using ice water regularly can have tons of positive benefits for your skin. Include this simple and easy method in your skincare routine to achieve your skincare goals.