It is a misconception that sweating helps in losing weight. However, the facts hold a different truth.

Burning calories relies on how much intensity you put in an activity, not by the measure of your sweat.

Before learning about the association between sweating and weight loss, let’s discuss the importance of sweating as a biological process and why it happens.

What makes you sweat?

We often sweat when the temperature and humid level in the atmosphere increase. In response to the increase in temperature, the sweat glands of the body start the process of perspiration which leads to sweating.

Apart from this common reason, there are several other reasons which cause sweating in human beings. One sweats when in stress. The increase in heart rate and blood pressure elevates the body temperature as a result of which an individual sweats.

People also sweat when they do rigorous physical exercise.

Sweating is a common occurrence when a person is having a fever.

Do you burn calories during sweating?

Sweating is the body’s mechanism to cool itself down. Its association with weight loss seems far and remote.

However, the activity that generates sweating can largely determine the amount of calories you burn. For example, during a heavy workout you sweat profusely and at the same time burn calories as well. But this does not draw any link between sweating and weight loss.

Then, what do you lose during sweating?

Sweat essentially comprises water and certain important elements. Sweat contains electrolytes like sodium and chloride. Potassium, magnesium, and calcium are also present in sweats though in a lower amount.

Since these elements are essential for the body, and they get removed during sweating, it is always advised to replenish these elements every time one sweats.

Why is there a misconception about sweating and weight loss?

This misconception around sweating and weight loss might be coming from the fact that one has similar experiences when doing weight loss activities and while sweating like feeling drained out, feeling exhausted and tired.

Also, the occurrence of sweating while doing rigorous activities which helps in weight loss might be a reason.