Dr. Musa has taken to his social media to beg his wife, Liesl Laurie to make him a househusband.

The star penned down a lengthy message as he posted a photo of himself carrying a teddy bear on his back.

The TV host seems to be tired of working and all he wants to do now is to provide for his family.

“This is the picture I send to Liesl every morning when she says she’s at work. This picture serves to motivate her to work hard and thrive in her career so that I can live my best househusband’s life.

Musa also praised his wife for being a strong and independent woman thus she can make all the money while he takes care of the home.

“Liesl, you’re a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man. You can make all the money in the world and support your family whilst I take care of the home. I’m ready for you to achieve all your goals and be the CEO in corporate and allow me to be the CEO of the home. I’m ready to pepa children. I’ll do it the old school way so that they grow up to be grounded African children,” he said.

He said he is ready to be the president of the parent-teacher associate, make lunch for their kids and take them to school.

“I’m ready to buy a stroller and hire a photographer so they can take pictures of me crossing the street with your naughty little children. I’m ready to buy matching outfits so we can tag you in our TikTok videos whilst you’re on the grind. I’m ready to be the president of the PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION and to make them lunch in the morning and fetch them from school.

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