Flvme has taken to social media to reveal the story behind his new single, ‘Let Me Down’.

The star recently dropped the single to keep his fans entertained as he works towards the release of the album.

Flvme hinted that the song is about him justifying his connection with his ex-girlfriend and why he can no longer be with them.

“It’s your boy Flvme and I’m about to explain my single Let Me Down to you,” he said. “It’s a very straight-to-the-point song, just me talking about my exes,” he revealed.

“I’m kind like a real dude so I will never break up with my exes on some you know f*vck you f*vck you type of thing, so for me its like, I still love them and im just making that clear and also make it clear why I can’t be with them no more. “I hope you like it and understand the message since a whole lot is going on in this project,” Flvme said.