A woman kidnapped after she boarded a bus in Abuja has taken to Twitter to recount the ordeal.

Nwachukwu Joy said she boarded a vehicle from Peace Park Junction around Jabi, Abuja, not knowing the driver and occupants are kidnappers.

During the course of the journey, they attacked her and she passed out.

When she woke up, she said she found herself on the road leading to Kaduna and she begged the kidnappers to call her mother.

The victim’s mother told the kidnappers that she was willing to pay whatever money the “Alhaji” they were taking her daughter to intends to pay for her.

The woman was then told to pay 1 million Naira into her daughter’s account for the kidnappers.

Later, the mother called, begging the kidnappers that she could only raise N400,000.

After the victim’s mother paid what she could raise, the kidnappers drove the victim back to Abuja and drove around different ATMs with her to withdraw the money.

They also cleared what money the victim previously had in her account and they took her phone, power bank, wristwatch, and other personal items before giving her N2,000 to find her way home.

The victim said the money they gave her came in handy when she went to a hospital for checkup after she was released.

She sustained minor injuries following the attack.

Read her story below.