Fundudzi Media has officially released a statement to address rumours that he has taken over Kaya FM 959.

This is coming after entertainment commentator, Musa Khawula reported that Kaya FM is now Fundudzi Media property.

Fundudzi said he us disappointed in the rumours revealing they devoid of truth.

The statement wrote: “Fundudzi Media has noted with utter disappointment rumours swirling around that we have taken ownership of Kaya 959 – a popular Gauteng-based radio station commonly known as Kaya FM. Although we have a company policy of not commenting on such wild speculation, we feel a response to these reports is warranted in this instance. We – as Fundudzi Media – put it as a matter of fact that these rumours, purported to be facts, are unsubstantiated and devoid of truth.”””

“These reports, which apparently emanated from the social media yesterday, have created a wrong impression that a deal over the sale of Kaya 959 has been struck between Fundudzi Media and Thebe Investments. We want to put it on record that these reports are misleading as no such a deal exists. We would like to urge people behind these rumours to desist from spreading information which is totally not based on any amount of credible information, and which is also sadly bereft of any reliable or credible sourcing (either on or off-the-record), which is something common in the practice of journalism.”