When it comes to combating body odour, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a bath and using deodorant.

It has been reported that some deodorant contains parabens that disrupt the hormones and is linked to cancer.
The Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry reports that deodorants contain aluminium which may lead to gene instability in breast tissue and cause tumours and cancer cells to grow.
Even though there is no definitive link between cancer and deodorant, there is a risk. What are the alternatives to deodorant?
Lemon is a natural way to eliminate body odour, it contains citric which helps to get rid of bacteria. Cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice and use a ball of cotton wool to wipe your armpits.
Coconut oil has a delicious smell and antibacterial properties that help eliminate body odour. Use by rubbing coconut oil with your fingers or cotton wool.
Salt has immense antibacterial properties. Add salt to a little water and apply to your armpit to neutralize body odour.
Baking soda neutralizes smell by altering PH levels, absorbing sweat and preventing the growth of bacteria.
Apply it like talc on your armpits.
Rose water is made by distilling rose petals. It has immense benefits and one of them is antibacterial properties that can be used to neutralize the smell in your armpits.