Gigi Lamayne has taken to her social media to reveal five things people need to know about her.

The star revealed that she has gotten her first gift as her birthday approaches.

She said her birthday is on the 7th of July meaning her zodiac sign is cancer and people know her as hypersensitive but yet nurturing.

“My first gift as my birthday approaches! . Five things you need to know about me : 1. My bday is on the 7th of July which means I’m a cancerian ♋️ Being the mother of the zodiac, my people know I’m hypersensitive yet nurturing, motherly, and will protect my own at all costs. Family and loyalty is everything meaning I will fight for who and I what I love at all costs.”

Gigi said she is not the type that loves gifts as she values energy and connections more. She also said she has no kids now but she is hoping to have one someday.

“It’s always the thought that counts. I’m not big on gifts. I value energy and connections more BUT if you do buy me something nice 😂😭 I won’t turn it down. I never forget experiences good or bad. I’m forgiving but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll want you around me.I have no children but hope to have a pikinini one day. 5. Cooking and reading, funny enough are top three on my hobby list. Spirituality, business and education are part of my biggest self actualisation, goals .”

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