Gogo Maweni has taken to her Instagram to caution women against the dangers of dating wealthy men.

The star shared a video of herself as she cautioned women to not be impressed by a man’s riches especially when she does not know how he acquired them.

The traditional ruler warned women to not be a taken by rich men saying they might ruin their lives.

Gogo said: ““I’m happy to see women happy, dating, in love [and] kumnandi and they want a rich guy. There are men who are told to look for specific girls to steal your shine, to steal certain things from you,” she started off.

“There are people you date and your life just becomes upside down, but because he gives you money, you don’t want to leave that relationship. When you sleep with him you get cramps, you’re no longer a good person at work, your friends no longer get along with you, your family is upside down because they are stealing from you spiritually,” she continued.

“You need to learn to protect yourself. We’re not saying don’t date guys with money but protect yourself because these guys with money, they know exactly what they want from women and you might be the target.”

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