Gogo Maweni has taken to her social media to threaten to deal with women trying to snatch her husband, Sabelo Magube.

In the video, the traditional healer sends a strong message to those women stating that she is not someone to mess with.

Gogo says she doesn’t fight for a man, but she deals with a woman at 12 o’clock.

According to her, the power of social media has made it easier to deal with someone.

She only needs a picture, the woman’s name and surname, and she will deal with the woman at 12 o’clock.

“There’s no one who doesn’t know that Sabelo is in a relationship with me. Just like you guys, people know who you are dating. Don’t fight with the girl now. We’ve got social media, we’ve got your pictures, name and surname. We deal with you at 12 o’clock, we don’t fight with girls.”

” I am telling you that I don’t have time to shout. I don’t have time to fight for a man in 2022, I will deal with you at 12 o’clock. I will deal with you with the use of voodoo, social media has made  it very easy. All I need is your name, surname and picture,” she said.

Watch video below: