Kelly Khumalo has finally admitted that her son took weed to school by mistake.

Kelly’s son, Christian was found in possession of marijuana.

However, this comes a shocker; maybe it’s puberty pressure associated with teens. It seems as if Kelly Khumalo is failing when it comes to parenting.

In her reality show, Kelly has since come clean that the rumours were true and that it was a mistake any child would have made and he should not be crucified for it.

Venting to her mother on the Kelly admitted that it was true but also a direct ploy to portray her as a bad mother.

“Where did it come from. How did it get to the media?. I think when he took it (marijuana), he was just inquisitive. He wanted to see what it was. He thought it was a cool thing to show to his friends who sold him out.”

Kelly then tells her mother that she does not want the young boy “to be affected by unnecessary things. Christian is still a child, he’s going to make mistakes, How do you allow someone who’s never made an effort? So if you think my son, being suspended or expelled from school is based on weed, take that to court,” she said.

Kelly went on to suggest that all their employees and home executives sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to avoid any sensitive information coming out.