Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel, has said he will not allow Cesar Azpilicueta move to Barcelona this summer.

The Blues have already lost Andreas Christensen as a free agent to the LaLiga giants.

However, Barca is still keen to take Azpilicueta ahead of the new season.

“I am not sure I want to give Azpi what he wants,” Tuchel said.

“We have a Spanish international player, captain but Barcelona does not see it on that level – so I’m not sure if I want to give Azpi what he wants.

“Maybe I’m a little bit annoyed with Barça. But I do my best for Chelsea. I said that to Azpilicueta, he doesn’t like it – but he understands.”

Azpilicueta has one year left on his current deal at Stamford Bridge.