Inno Morolong has taken to her Instagram live to lash out at Makhadzi following their feud.

The two have been all over social media after Inno body-shamed the singer.

It was reported that the musician was paid R50,000 to perform at the July Dundee event but she failed to show up.

The two exchanged some heated DM’s where Makhadzi was body shamed. The Ghanama hitmaker accused Inno of being jealous and said she is hungry.

Addressing the claims Makhadzi hurled insults at Inno and she did not mince her words.

Inno has hit back at Makhadzi saying she is a ghetto artist and she doesn’t make club music but she makes tavern music.

The influencer has addressed their beef and claimed Makadzi’s team accused her of being paid to tarnish Makhadzi’s brand.

“You are an adult, as an adult, you are supposed to have a house. She was saying she has talent and she is doing so much better. Babes I don’t know you. I don’t follow you and I don’t care about you. Before you start talking to me, look at yourself, take a mirror, look at yourself and say I am fighting with Inno?

“You are busy talking about people with lipo, honey you need a lipo. Even the other DJ you had songs with is probably using you.”

Watch video below: