Kamo Mphela has been dragged by Twitter users who assume she’s not taking proper care of her mother.

A Twitter gossiper named Musa shared a video of the house of Kamo’s mother and it triggered lots of social media users.

The house didn’t look luxurious as expected by some fans, hence the criticisms.

Kamo’s father works closely with his daughter and some persons have concluded that the singer doesn’t give her parents equal treatment.

Musa also revealed on Twitter that the mother is an alcoholic.

The video garnered mixed reviews.

“How’s their relationship? I am never someone to judge when it comes to these cause there’s a possibility that her mom was never a part of raising her. So, how’s their relationship? Where was Kamo raised?”

“Kamo is the celebrity and she chose to be on the spotlight but her mom didn’t chose to be a celebrity and is not a celebrity so what do you want from her?. Parents should be off-limits guys come on. This is not right!!”

“Kamo Mphela is busy slaying but bo mma ba phalwa Le ka Samke wa 1 room e hexagonal, that post from Musa about Kamo’s mom is so sad.”