Kid X has recently opened up on his near-death experience with Nota.

The star made this known during an interview where he revealed that the near-death experience he endured whilst driving with Nota made him force out the release of his “Three Quater Pace” Mixtape under CashTime Life.

“The type of Kid X that they wanted was probably another person and the body of work that I submitted was what I felt was an honest representation of who I am, so they felt like it’s not Skhanda,” he said during the ESAM Podcast interview.

Kid X further expressed that he started questioning whether his music was good or not after he was halted to release his mixtape.

“So I started questioning whether the music was dope or not and for some moment I accepted their call to say ok I’m not dope until a near-death incident that I had with NOTA,” Kid X said. “We were driving to Sipho’s house and headed to a session with Bucie, and we are pulling up to a four-way stop and there is a garage to our right,” he revealed.

He further went on and described how they went on and survived a possible car accident saying; “There is a garage to our right so at the robot we meant to turn left turning into Sypho Street so while we were approaching the robot I asked NOTA (“do you need us to get something in the garage”) he remains quite.

“I carry on driving I was high as f**ck, we were smoking before we even drove there, smoking weed, a couple of seconds from the robot he says yo let’s get something at the garage.“

“In my head dawg, I went from turning this way and I see a hideout and there was a car behind me, all I remember was pressing the accelerator and the car teleported out of the wheel of that other car.” He explained.

“That entire experience was so traumatic and I realized it could’ve ended, everything could’ve ended right there.”

“The very next morning after that I’m bumping the project and I could feel it, and something in me came alive, where I felt like, you know what the n**gga nearly lost his life last night and I felt more alive than ever at that moment where I’m now bumping it.”

“I realized that something is off here I need to insist that this project comes out, I hit them up I told them to cool I’m willing to at least put this out as a mixtape so that you guys are not gonna catch any smoke, It’s not going to be an official project it’s just gonna be a mixtape whatever the case.” Kid Xexplained.

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