Lady Du has taken to her social media to reveal how her trip to the UK changed her life.

The star stated she has been in a dark place since the incident with her management.

Earlier this year, the Amapiano vocalist cried out as her manager is fraudulent stating that he gives people false details and goes on to collect money from Du’s promoters.

Well, in her new post, the artist said she came to the UK for an event and she had to look happy and the trip changed the way she view life.

“Light at the end of the tunnel 🙏 I came to the Uk for 1 event. I stood here and took a picture here I didn’t even post it, I’m posting it today to show you how the universe works. For months I was in a dark place, especially after what happened with my previous management, I had to pull everything in me to smile, give you guys hugs, and still post like I was happy. This trip here changed the way I view life, in literally 7 days I’ve had over 12 conversations with people that see so much in me, things that I didn’t even see in myself.”

Lady Du said during her stay, she signed two deals, I got one American feature which was a dream come true for her.

“I signed 2 deals, I got 1 American feature 😭😭 a dream come true, I got 5 shows 2 sold out still need to do 3, lastly the reason I’m posting this picture is that things are happening full circle, I took a picture here the first day I got here on the last day of my stay I got a call to move my flights to perform at the commonwealth games!!!! Y’all don’t know how amazing I feel now.”

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