Being a big-time rapper comes with distractions such as social media. All the popular social apps can really have someone remove their focus from their work and put them in an unproductive place. Lil Durk is starting to sense that lack of focus, and he’s aiming to lock back in.

Over the weekend, Durkio posted a video on his socials telling fans he would deactivate his Instagram page. The rapper didn’t give any reason behind the deactivation besides explaining he would get his focus back in order.

“I’m finna disappear for a minute,” Lil Durk said. “Deactivating my page at eight o clock, it’s over with. I’m finna lock in, come back 1000 times stronger on some monster shit. Every time I pop back up, is that really him? Yeah.”

He later reiterated his point on Twitter, saying, “Ima take a break off this shit ima be back soon.”

As of press time, Lil Durk’s Instagram page has been deactivated, while his Twitter is still up and running. The Chicago native has seen his stock rise over the years, and with that comes a lot of things that may either help or derail his career. Taking time away from distractions isn’t a terrible idea, especially if the goal is to grow.

Lil Baby told fans he was thinking about logging off social media to lock in on his forthcoming album last month. In a video posted on Instagram, Baby is seen working in the studio while revealing he was going to focus on the new project in the caption of his post.

“I think ima log out until the album,” he wrote while previewing the unreleased song.