Hot on the heels of his acclaimed album Let’s Start Here, Yachty opened up about who he wants to work with in the future, including André 3000, Bon Iver, Solange, and Tyler.

While he and the IGOR rapper have worked together in the past, Yachty has his eye on something bigger.

“I would love to make a whole album with Tyler. That’d be tight,” he told Billboard. “I just think we could make something really special.”

He credits Tyler for encouraging him to record Let’s Start Here. “He’s like the reason I kinda made this album too. He’s the one who told me, ‘Just do it,’” he revealed. “I have so much respect for him ’cause he takes me serious and he always has.”

Yachty also shared his love for another Odd Future alum, Frank Ocean. “We’ve spoken many times, but I’ve never got to even have a real conversation with him like I want to. I definitely would love to collaborate with him.”

The 25-year-old MC is finally getting his flowers with the January release of Let’s Start Here, which has earned praise from fans and critics alike.

“I was always kind of nervous to put out music, but now I’m on some other shit,” Yachty explained. “It was a lot of self-assessing and being very real about not being happy with where I was musically, knowing I’m better than where I am. Because the shit I was making did not add up to the shit I listened to.”

“I just wanted more,” he added. “I want to be remembered. I want to be respected.”

He knew he was onto something when he played the psychedelic project for his peers including Tyler, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Post Malone, Drake, Cardi B, Kid Cudi, and A$AP Rocky.

“Their reactions boosted me,” said Yachty, who is confident that it’s his best work yet. “F**k any of the albums I dropped before this one.”