Earlier this week, Joe Budden reignited his feud with the Maryland rapper when he begged him to retire and “never step near a recording device again.”

Now it appears that Logic is responding to his biggest critic. On Thursday morning, he shared a TikTok video featuring a clip from a 2015 interview where he explains that he’s a homebody and keeps to himself.

“I don’t fk with nobody at all,” he says. “It’s just me and my homies and my fiancée and my little puppy I just got and I don’t fk with nobody. I don’t go anywhere, I don’t go to parties. I barely go outside.”

Nearly eight years later, Logic seems to be keeping the same energy. He added a green screen version of himself pointing to the old interview with the caption: “And still don’t.”

During an episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast” this week, Budden ripped Logic following his recent cover of Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day.”

“Logic, I hate to continue to make a career at your expense,” he said. “I don’t hate it, actually. I’m glad that I have a little list of you that I get to…that’s horrible to say. One day I’m gonna grow up.”

Budden continued, “Logic, I beg of you, I’m pleading with you-please join me in retirement. Never step near a recording device again. Throw your phone in the ocean. Be allergic to microphones. Promise your fans nothing. Don’t go to the studio ever again. You are the worst, yo. You are really, really bad. And then when we think he can’t get any worse, you have the bright idea of doing an Ice Cube flip.”

Back in 2019, Budden called Logic “one of the worst rappers to ever grace a microphone” and celebrated his short-lived retirement. “Let’s celebrate Logic getting the f**k out of here,” he said before issuing an apology.

Logic previously said that Budden’s bullying led him to a dark place. “This dude doesn’t like me for whatever reason. He wants to say I’m not Black enough, I’m not good enough,” he told Hot 97. “He’s a person who’s led to part of my depression and some of my darkest spaces.”

Last month, Logic released his new album College Park. He is set to kick off his “College Park Tour” with Juicy J starting May 25.