Makhadzi reacts to claims that she’s not living her soft life after she was spotted on a business class flight.

The musician said she read a publication reporting that it’s her first time in a business class.

Makhadzi said it’s a disrespect to her, as it’s not her first time; she also revealed that she doesn’t post her luxurious life on social media, hence, people should stop with the false narratives.

I just saw some hater blog wrote; MAKHADZI ENJOYING HER FIRST BUSINESS CLASS. BATHONG PLEASE STOP ALWAYS DISRESPECTING ME. For the fact that I don’t post everything like others who fake it until they make it doesn’t mean I don’t live a soft life. My life is a movie,” she wrote.

“I have almost everything I prayed for . I just dont believe on posting everything like your expensive box on stories Iam not that person bathong . Not saying its not a good thing to post , we can’t just be the same,” she added.

Most of the singer’s fans understood her pain, but a few said she ought to snub the report.

“I wish celebrities could be smart and leave what people are saying about them coz really doesn’t make sense to come and try to explain into details… Live your life and let them talk,” a tweep responded to her tweet.