Mihlali has surprised so many after she accepted Berita’s apology on behalf of her ex-husband, Nota.

Nota was all over social media after he made so many offensive comments to Mihlali.

Nota called out influencer Mihlali as he compared her to a “dog”.

He also expressed that he does not find Mihlali attractive and said that he could buy her. He went on to say that she is for sale. So, he anyone can kill her if they wanted to.

However, Berita was dragged into this which made her reveal that she is not with Nota anymore.

She also revealed that she left her marital home in January out of fear for her life.

Berita went on to issue a public apology to Mihlali: “I apologise to you. I do not condone the things said by Nota to you. No woman should ever have to be objectified and ripped apart publicly or privately!”.

To Berita’s surprise, Mihlali responded, accepting the apology.

She replied: “Thank you for the apology, I appreciate it. You honestly didn’t have to, his words and actions aren’t a reflection of you”.

See tweet below: