Nota has taken to his social media to confirm his separation from his wife, Berita.

This is coming a few hours after Berita announced they have been separated since January 2022.

Berita wrote: “I am no longer married to Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi. I left our marital home on Thursday the 13 of January 2022. As it stands we are currently separated.

“I have been quiet because my safely has been a huge concern. This man is extremely irresponsible, reckless and unruly. He simply does not listen to anyone. I do not condone his actions. I cannot even begin to count the numerous times he has erred in his speech.

Taking to Twitter, Nota wrote: “I will fight for family values… No matter the cost. I will will fight abusers. I will fight those that objectify women! God chose me because he knew that I’m strong enough to take whatever he throws at me. I will never let satan win nor will I be ruled by anger!

He also said he has not been diagnized with any mental illness: “I’d like to categorically state that I have never been diagnosed with any mental illness nor would I diagnose anyone with a mental health issue because it’s not something to be trivialised. I have seen the social media post about me by my wife’s former publicist & I’m horrified!”

“Men mental health is always weaponised against us that’s why we find it hard to talk. I speak openly about how I have actively taken care of my mental health since I was 4-years old. On the 20th of January I had suicidal ideation. My family were terrified. I was all alone…”

See tweet below: