Berita pierces her ears for the first time after separating from her estranged husband, Nota Baloyi.

Taking to Instagram, the singer shared a video of herself in a saloon getting her ears pierced; fans congratulated her and gushed over he beauty.

“There’s a first time for everything,” she captioned the video.

Berita recently revealed that she’s now experiencing peace after ending her marriage of two years with the famous Twitter critic.

Announcing their separation a few weeks ago, she said, “I would like to, first of all, clear the air by being transparent to you all. I have been quiet because there is families involved in this situation. I am no longer married to Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi. I left our marital home on Thursday the 13 of January 2022. As it stands we are currently separated.”

Berita has obviously moved on and now enjoying her life. Check out the piercing video below: