Oscar Mbo laments about his former manager, Yolisa Nkosi in an official statement released on Wednesday.

The DJ kicked off his letter by appreciating fans for streaming his songs; he also appreciated people in his corner, who believed in him and have been supportive.

He further revealed that Yolisa has been taking bookings for him despite not working together; fraudulently giving people his banking details instead of the company’s details.

“Regrettably, it has come to my attention that my former bookings manager, has been taking bookings and fraudulently adding personal banking details to the invoice instead of the company’s details, using my name or brand without my knowledge or consent,” he wrote.

Oscar says a case has been opened with his local law enforcement office and due steps will be taken.

He also said they are working towards getting Yolisa to pay back the promoters he defrauded.

Oscar Mbo also apologised to those he scammed, saying he won’t be able to show up for the gigs he’s been booked for by his former manager.

New booking details were shared in the statement too.

Read the full statement below: