Prince Kaybee and Zola Mhlongo’s son, Milani is 9 months old.

The two lovers welcomed their first child last year but kept his face secret for some months; Kaybee later unveiled his face on social media as the little boy’s photo is his Twitter’s display photo.

Taking to Instagram, Zola shared one of the photos taken during a photoshoot with Gemini.

“Happy 9months to my smile keeper…❤️. PS: this picture was taken when he decided to pee on me 😂❤️,” she captioned post.

In June, the music producer revealed a wince brand he named after his son; “My name is Prince Kaybee, Founder of a proudly South African wine called MILANI. Only 7000 bottles a year available by order. Its an exclusive wine, harvested by hardworking dedicated men and women. Each bottle is signed and packaged by yours truly. We are launching soon,” the DJ tweeted.

Kaybee adores Zola despite the cheating allegation against him in 2021.

“I’m easily triggered … it’s not easy [turning the other cheek] psychologically how I grew up. You need to stand up for yourself as a man. As a boy it’s too much responsibility, so for me it f***ed with my mind for a very long time, [until] I met the girl of my dreams and we’ve been trying and trying … those kind of little things, gestures of love, they change you,” he continued.