Sello Maake has taken to his social media to send his love to Letoya Makhene and her wife, Lebo Keswa.

Letoya and Lebo have been all over social media after they got attacked by her ex-lover named Tshepo Leeuw.

The actress opened an assault case against Tshepo after he went wild with her.

Many dramas have followed and Letoya is not letting it go by her.

Sello on the other hand sends his love to his couple revealing he is sad to watch what is happening to them.

“My marriage came out of your beautiful union! It’s so sad to watch what’s happening to you guys and one feels so helpless. I need you guys to know that we care and we know how solid your love for one another is and never lose sight of the real thing you share! It gives much hope to see how you guys are there for one another! You truly understood what they meant by through thick and thin! Sending love from myself and @pearlmaakekancube we love you guys! 💕♥️💕”

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