Somizi Mhlongo conditioned Bahumi before she could take on a new surname.

The actress bears her maternal surname, Madisakwane but she’s longed to be part of her father, hence she expressed interest in bearing Mhlongo as her surname.

On one of the episodes of the reality show, Living The Dream with Somizi, the media personality told her daughter that she can’t just change her surname, as she needs to follow tradition, one of which is accepting his ancestors.

Bahumi had made it clear that she has no issue with her father’s belief but she doesn’t believe in the ancestors.

“I don’t believe in engaging with my ancestors. I’ve always respected it and whenever there’s a ceremony, I’m there to help.

Somizi agreed to her claim but told her that she needs to approach the ancestors before changing her surname, as she needs to be welcomed by them.

“You don’t just change a surname. We need to talk to the ancestors so you can be formally introduced and welcomed. We’ll have to find common ground where we can both be comfortable. I obviously want to change your surname, but it’s not going to be on your terms. Ancestors will be angry at me. They’ll ask me why I never consulted with them. So I’ll have to consult with them on your behalf,” said Som.

“She cannot have her bread buttered on both sides. She will not get the surname unless a traditional ceremony is done. She cannot steal the surname.”