Master KG has taken to his social media to slam Botswana Kwaito artist Vee Mampeezy as the two go head to head.

Taking to Facebook, the star went on to warn Vee to to cross the line or step on his toe.

He told the star to stay in his lane and not to try and fit in his shoes, saying they are too big for him.

The Jerusalema hitmaker said: “Vee Mampeezy Tlogela Goba Bari (stop being an idiot) my Brother I have known you for a long for you to what you doing. This post has nothing to do with Vee’s marriage drama. It has to do with what Vee is currently doing in South Africa. I repeat stop being an idiot.”

Vee responded by saying, “I respect you my brother don’t do that.”

Master KG hit back at Vee and said, “You the one who should have thought about respect before you what you do ignore currently in my privacy. Vee Mampeezy stop trying to fit in my shoes… they are big… stay in your lane”

Vee then said Master KG is seeking fame and warned him to stop with the unnecessary drama.

“Master KG SA Music if I loved fame I would have posted about you first, but you are the one who is busy posting, who loves fame now my brother, please let’s stop this drama, it’s unnecessary!” he exclaimed.