Terry Pheto and Anele Mdoda has reacted to the high killing of children in South Africa.
Many female celebrities have taken to Twitter to share their heartfelt messages following the staggering numbers of killings of children in this country.

It all started when Sowetan published an article on the high numbers of murdering of children in South Africa.

The Sowetan has reported that at least three children are killed in this country. And almost five-hundred and forty-nine children, some of whom are not even a year old have been killed in the first half of the year 2022 alone.

Reacting to this, many female celebrities have come out to share their thoughts

Anele and Terry expressed their dsiaapontment and sadness as they share their heartfelt message as well as shocker of the spiraling numbers of killings of children. Mdoda also blames herself as someone who have failed these children.

“We failed these kids” wrote Anele Mdoda