Zanda Zakuza opens up about her struggle with depression and anxiety during a Live chat with fans on Instagram.

The singer shared a bit of her experience and further encouraged people who might be going through depression.

Zanda said an unfortunate event occurred which got her depressed but it took longer than expected to deal with the depression.

She further reminded her fans that no matter what they go through, the world moves on while they battle with their problem.

“I had a little dabble in depression and anxiety. I feel I let one unfortunate incident last forever. I chose to wallow in my sadness longer than I needed to. It was one dead moment that needed to last a short while but went over a year,” she said.

“Sometimes it’s hard to pull yourself out of sadness … but we forget that the world continues with or without you. The world continued while I was sad about something I could not control. The world was happening to me…” she explained.

Watch the full video below: