Thobeka Majozi has no regrets for always keeping her private life off social media.

The star reposted Nigerian Entrepreneur, Wale Jana’s post on Instagram talking about how evil eyes are on social media monitoring people’s progress.

Thobeka then recently opened up about why she is fiercely protective of herself and what’s hers and this includes not posting about her family on social media.

She said she is always private because of the toxicity on social media.

Thobeka said that is why she does not post family.

“The reason I’m so private and don’t post my child, partner, or family. It’s a mess out here! Protect what matters to you, y’all we’re living in scary times. They don’t want to see you win or be happy.

“My piece of advice … You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Those special moments can be celebrated in silence. Those big moves can clap in small circles. Not everyone wants to see you win in life. Pray and protect your loved ones. I’m so aggressive about shielding my sacred space. We’re living in a spiritual war. God be with us all.”