Priddy Ugly speaks about being unaffected by negativity as he announces a forthcoming music project which is ready for release.

The rapper reacts to all the bullying and negative comments he’s received over the years in a series of tweets.

The father of one said he’s not phased out by those comments as he’s confident and will keep pushing.

“I never needed 5K retweets & likes telling me how amazing I am to know my worth or boost my confidence… so a couple of negative comments could never phase me, let alone make me de-active my account or take a hiatus. I believed in myself before a single follower, like or stream,” he wrote.

The rapper defined what true confidence is; he said it “is being ridiculed & dragged through the mud & coming out with clay pots, plants & exfoliated skin.”

He concluded his words by announcing that there’s a new project ready.