Uncle Vinny

The young star was interviewed on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill; he spoke about music, the industry, his career, and other vital topics.

Vinny voiced out after Mac G stated that promoters in the UK claim that Major League is bigger than Black Coffee in the UK.

“The promoters are telling us, in the UK Major League is bigger than Black Coffee, like right now,” the podcast presenter said.

In response, Uncle Vinny slammed the claim saying they have a different market. He further used the medium to speak highly of the DJ.

“That’s crazy. Black Coffee has its own market. Black Coffee is Black Coffee, and Major League is Major League, so it’s a different market. Black Coffee has a billboard in London.”

Vinny further spoke about how he saw the Grammy-winning DJ on a billboard beside Burna Boy’s billboard.

“Black Coffee when he enters somewhere, he can shut down the place, he is huge, don’t take Black Coffee for a popeye,” he said.