A female graduate has said that she would rather date an internet fraudster, popularly known as “Yahoo Boy,” than be in a relationship with a working-class man.

The young lady stated this during a vox pop at her signing out ceremony, after her final papers in school.

According to her, she prefers to be in a relationship with a Yahoo boy who can instantly cater to her needs as they arise rather than a man who would have to wait for a monthly income.

She also stated that Yahoo boys know how to treat their women better than a man with a regular office job.

“I prefer to date Yahoo boy, bacuse they know how to treat a lady…Yahoo guy know what is best for his babe and can attend to his babe need anytime, unlike working class that have to wait till end of the month”, she said.

The video has however stirred varying reactions from netizens since it found its way to the internet. See some reactions below,

@am_francis_01, “See what government and environment has turned our ladies to😢what a pity”.

@vanilla_cherish, “She don talk wetin she talk, make una rest, everyone has his/her own opinion, and most of you here are still dating yahoo boys”.

@soft_smiles_, “Check all of them are saying yahoo guys because of money. Ashey liabilities. Woo young men you better raise your upcoming female kids extremely well ooo.”

@khalifa_trojan, “Hunger is written all over her 😂”.

Watch video below,